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Mission: Providing excellence in sustainable living systems to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, investors, and community through ecological and economic sustainability.

Background: Pursuing their life passions, Co-Inventors Sarah Perkins and Joseph Blundell, partners and researchers of sustainable technologies, began SLS due to the increasing global shift from planet users to planet stewards. The original concept for the C.O.R.E.TM Technology began its development in May 2000 as a quest for a practical solution for growing societal problems. As a catalyst for the shifting times, the C.O.R.E.TM Technology is a technologically advanced home that heats and cools itself and provides unprecedented safety.

Company Overview: Sustainable Living Systems is a green-construction and assembly firm providing the C.O.R.E.TM Home, a home that heats and cools itself, reducing energy costs by as much as 66%, while providing unprecedented safety from natural disasters. Since August 2007, the Company has obtained its provisional patent, completed its pre-organization round of funding, developed its strategy and business plan, has pre-orders and an active and growing list of interested parties, begun development of its management team, and has industry and celebrity endorsements.

Meet Us

Sarah Perkins, President and Founder
Ms. Perkins has spent the past five years in largely self-directed study and research regarding renewable energy projects and energy efficiency, and is often referred to as a “Sustainability Engineer.” She has studied in Denmark with leading renewable experts where she investigated methods of sustainable living including wind turbines, solar technology, humanure utilization, and greywater restoration. She received an Associate Degree of Science from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in 2006, where she majored in science and pre-engineering with an emphasis in mathematics. She graduated first in her class. She is a co-inventor, along with Mr. Blundell, of the C.O.R.E.TM System.

Joe Blundell, Inventor & Technology Consultant
Mr. Blundell, a Director of the Company as well as its Secretary, is also the co-inventor of the C.O.R.E.TM System. He was led to this invention after hundreds of hours of collegiate study and seven years of independent research in sustainable design. He has also had an opportunity to take his knowledge out of the lab an into the field. In 2003 he was elected Mayor of the Town of Cliff Village, Missouri, where he spearheaded efforts to decontaminate the village’s wells. As a result, Joseph was the first recipient of the Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award in Oklahoma.

David A. Stacey, Business and Financial Consultant
Mr. Stacey, a Director of the Company, has served as a financial advisor to Ms. Perkins and Mr. Blundell since several months prior to the organization of the company. He has advised in the areas of financial projections, business development, team management, and strategic planning, among others. He is exceptionally qualified in all of these areas. After graduating from Cambridge University in Great Britain, where he earned a Masters degree in Modern Languages & Latin American Studies from Fitzwilliam College, he joined Security Pacific National Bank in its London office. He spent eleven years with that bank, where he was promoted to increasing levels of responsibility, setting up corporate marketing and development operations in New Zealand and Singapore. When he left the bank in 1990, he was Head of Aircraft Finance and managing a 15-person team. The next 10 years saw Mr. Stacey involved with several multi-national corporations in London, including Credit Suisse First Boston and United Bank of Kuwait, all of which were senior level positions, with most revolving around the origination, negotiation, structuring, documentation and syndication of cross-border, asset-based finance for aircraft. He immigrated to the United States in 2006, where he became the Senior Marketing executive for CEO Space, LLC, in charge of developing the market for America’s premier organization involved in the training of entrepreneurs. He left in 2008 to form his own consultancy firm, David Stacey International.

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